Monday, April 21, 2014

Star Trek Under the Sea


UPDATE 9/21/14: This incredible project is now STALLED due to lack of funding so standby...
OK very cool technology, greenlighted and fully funded this incredible futuristic tool is just what our Oceans need now! It will allow us a better understanding of the impact that humankind has had upon it's underwater world and it's inhabitants!
I will definitely try and get a documentary in the works for this epic and innovative vessel. This may actually make it a reality to gain a better understanding of our oceans and the changes they are going through. As for it looking for the mythical city of Atlantis, I think that should be at the end of their TO DO list...

Even more fantastic news is that Liz Taylor, President of California based DOER Marine, informed me that they will be participating in some of the ROV/DSV design aspects of this incredible project! Sylvia Earle is a founder of DOER!

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