Monday, April 21, 2014


Well once again it appears that El Nino is building but with one big difference. There are ocean temperature anomalies at 6 º Celcius that have moved across the Pacific at depth pushed by Kelvin Waves. These anomalous temperatures are just starting to rise to the surface in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and they rival or exceed the ocean temperatures that precipitated the 97-98 El Nino which was the strongest in the era of satellite , Argo float, and modern records.

So what's the impact to my neck of the woods here in Santa Barbara as well as the rest of the State? Well it would most certainly end the worse drought in California for over 100 years, NICE! Oh yeah the downside is so much rainfall that our watersheds and water delivery systems infrastructure could be destroyed. I don't know is it me or is it something in the wind that's been blowing our way for quite some time now, yep the infamous GLOBAL Warming wreaking more havoc.  Now days it is clear that the planet's weather in general has intensified and will continue to do so.

Can we be better prepared, certainly... I think our country's leaders and politicians need to step up to this real battlefield of the age we are clearly moving into and the one that our children and their children will be inheriting. We can't beat nature but we can be better prepared for it's consequences and not see a repeat of the aftermath that Katrina left in the Gulf. Let your representatives know and demand them to be accountable over your concerns for your safety and welfare...

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