Thursday, May 14, 2015

SIZE DOES MATTER-3DR vs INSPIRE 1 vs Phantom 3 Size Comparison

OK it will boil down to functionality ie. how much BANG for your $BUCK$ but in my book for escalating baggage fees and theft size truly does play a significant role and if the SOLO does live up to it's incredible list of features and GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT than it will emerge as the clear winner. DJI may very well have to up the anty on it's customer service as well as DURABILITY which seems to rest right now on the fragile ARMS of the INSPIRE 1.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


DJI INSPIRE 1 falls short on boasted features. Do we just make do until the firmware catches up to the VAPOR WARE and actually works?

Dynamic Homepoint, ie follow the location of the controller:FAILS MISERABLY. It simply does NOT work. This is as critical a feature for filmmakers as Point of Interest (POI), aka ORBIT by 3DR.DJI's explanation, "The GPS antenna on the controller has a very limited range." Wha? Seriously?
Indoor Flight: NOT STABLE, danger , drifts considerably and not only on position but it creeps up in altitude as well.  My test was shooting a music video on a soundstage with 16' cielings and a concrete floor painted white...It was stable at 2 ft off the ground, every foot higher the instability went exponential. At 10 ft off the ground it would drift to the right, a constant drift. Never would it correct for positioning. Challenging to say the least.

DJI's explanation, "By using the sensors on the Vision Positioning system, Inspire 1 can perform precision hovering even when no GPS is available.Follow the steps below to use Vision Positioning:

1. Toggle the switch to “P” as shown the figure to the right:

2. Place the Inspire 1 on a flat surface. Notice that the Vision Positioning system cannot work properly on surfaces without pattern variations.

3. Power on the Inspire 1. The aircraft status indicator will flash twice in green light, which indicates the Vision Positioning system is

For best results please keep the below factors in mind:

Keep the sensors clean at all times. Dirt or other debris may adversely affect the effectiveness of the sensors.
The effective hovering altitudes of the aircraft is from 0 to 2.5 meters.
Vision Positioning system may not function properly when the aircraft is flying over water.
Vision Positioning system may not be able to recognize pattern on the ground in low light conditions (less than 100lux).
Do not use other ultrasonic devices with frequency of 40 KHz when Vision Positioning system is in operation.
Vision Positioning system may not be able to stabilize the aircraft when flying close to the ground (below 0.5 meters) in fast speed.

It Seems that we previous-PHANTOM users are the test base for the INSPIRE 1


With the advent of Sonar based sensing for flying a drone indoors as well as their incredible outdoor GPS based flying it seems that 200-750lbs worth of crane gear and time to assemble and operate may be a thing of the past!

There certainly are the obvious reasons of one over the other, SAFETY and NOISE being at the top of my list. You're not going to fly a drone to film a live indoor concert or theatrical play...

But lets actually compare a shoot with a drone vs a jib/crane...

We'll be using the KesslerCrane 18ft model vs. the DJI Inpsire 1 and lets see if you can tell the difference!

We are shooting this today so standby for the updated post! 

Friday, April 17, 2015