Sunday, November 14, 2010


On the Wave has been busy working on Feature Film and also documentaries based on  current Environmental issues.  With the incredible amount of innovative products on the market we have been able to produce the highest quality production for probably the lowest production costs we've seen in years.
 We are now working very closely with several leading edge companies by putting their equipment to the test in the field. From blocked off sets to swamp lands, to on board research vessels in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.  You'll see no CHAPMAN Cranes, Fisher Dollies in use in these locations.  Instead you'll see lightweight portable gear that gets us the same look and feel as some of the uber expensive tools of Hollywood.

  DSLRs with their incredible imaging and low light capabilities, accessories like CINE lenses, High power light weight energy efficient batteries, jibs, sliders, data storage like SSD's and more are changing the universe of film making as we know it. And it's all happening at light speed. All of this adds up to a GREENER environment in film development. Minimal lighting, less fuel & vehicles involved and more! Go GREEN!
We will be covering the use of these great tools in the field in all of our behind the scenes videos that will be posted on this blog as soon as we get into Post. So stay tuned and keep following us here, on Facebook and twitter.