Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burial nearing completion in Post. Behind the Scenes look!

Here's some shots from BTS!  I had a great time sharing the role of DP with Orlando and doing a couple of scenes as 2nd unit Director with Nicole.  It may have been low budget but it was 1st rate and more fun! You could literally envision great results as they were being shot! That's better than most features I've worked on!  Hey Noot TAKE 11 !! Actually that was a rare occasion! The fewest takes as a whole I've ever seen on any movie! Here's a magazine article that just came out on Noot & Burial from FOAM here!

Well Karl Ford has been working day and night to finish up Post on "Burial" starring Noot Seear. Hmmm
I'm setting up the Kessler CineSlider here with some OTW mods added to it! "You mean I have to climb up the ladder with the slider too!"  "Where's my AC!?$#%$@!"

Working with a second  DP is unusual and could have been a challenge but Orlando was incredible and we got into a rhythym that really moved the setups and shooting along quite well.Orlando with Steadicam, Karl, Stephen and Harry on the set ready to go on an ice cold rainy day.

Director Karl Ford pointing to the car, oh yeah it's time to head up to Buellton after a full days shoot to start the late night "watch the sun rise shoot." Well we better hit "In & OUT" on the way up, hey isn't that Airica and Allison & Nicole in line, great minds think alike. Well that was one incredibly long cold night, freezing! Hey that looks like dawn, right I think we actually got home at 6AM!

Harry vs. M16
John don't point that M16 at's the time I'd rather be using my Zacuto EVF ( ok a shameless plug but I really had the thought cross my mind!) rather than perfectly lined up looking straight down the barrel of that M16 at a bullet with my DSLRs name on it!!

John pointing right at me!
To say I wasn't a bit hesitant about shooting that shooter about to take a shot, er uh make that automatic gunfire at about 15 rounds in the blink of an eye, well what do you think...hmmm BURIAL catchy name...