Sunday, March 3, 2013


On Location in Nevada
Just got back from Nevada and heading straight to L.A. to checkout my future purchase! Amazing new products from SONY so off we went to Sony Motion Pictures Sound Stage 7, aka DMPC. Sony Electronics new showroom, designed by none other than Bruce Dobrin, was a great place to see the new F5, F55 alongside the F65. The F55 definitely stands tall amongst it's bretheren. With 4K recording to on board SxS, GLOBAL SHUTTER that's right no more Rolling Shutter and snap on Digital recorder it's easy to say that RED and CANON will be shaking in their boots as market share may very well head back to the original red SONY.
Checkout Jon Fauer's EXCELLENT review on the F5 & F55, 96 pages worth here. Curtis Clark ASC was on hand during our play time with the Cameras and then off we went to see Sam Nicholson's MAHOUT (shot on F55) and Curtis Clark's El Dorado (shot on F65) on the new SONY 515 4K projector. Garret Smith and myself brought some of our own DCP footage as well.

Here's some of my reel from the Gulf that unfortunately did not get queued up! Next trip!