Thursday, September 12, 2019

Meet Colin Guinn AGAIN... Drone pioneer who has seen it all!

Well I got to sit down and do a one on one interview with the colorful celebrity of the drone world at Interdrone 2019, none other then Colin Guinn! I, like most drone enthusiasts, have been watching Colin's career, his ever present exhuberant and passionate persona, on the "Drones Over America!" Check out the amazing insight Colin had for what drones would mean for society by reading some of his dialog:
internet and virtually all channels of media! Beginning back in 2012 Colin made DJI a household name and UAV/Drone communities formed around his evangelizing of such cool tech! His marketing messaging, training videos and multiple mainstream broadcast TV appearances were engaging and fun to watch as we learned about these 4 prop flying wonders with cameras and gimbals. Colin even shared the screen back in 2014 with Morley Safer on an episode of 60 minutes entitled "Drones over America." 

So yesterday there stood Colin Guinn at the podium, a keynote speaker at INTERDRONE 2019. I was compelled to once again connect with Colin and record an audio interview to find out just what he was up to now.  Some of the questions in the interview provided some closure on just what happened with him and CEO Frank Wang of DJI as well as the startup company 3DR where one of the most viral and sensational video ads ever was produced in-house, by Colin and friends for the drone industry!! I also ask Colin in the interview where he thinks the drone industry is heading now and the role his new consulting firm is playing in the industries future. So checkout some sound advice and get some direction regarding venturing into the drone/UAS industry. So enough said click video below and enjoy!

Oh wait one more thing before you watch. Speaking of the influence of DRONE's in societybe sure to also checkout the new drone based animated series:
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