Sunday, November 25, 2012

SR71 Blackbird Spy Plane subject of a new film

SR71-Titanium Wing Spar Nut & Bolt
Stay tuned for more info on this one. We are currently in discussions with a major cable network on creating this documentary. For the curious here's a schematic and an actual wing spar nut and bolt that went into space and back to Earth. It was eventually replaced. It's made of Titanium and Beryllium...

NOGI Award goes to Mike deGruy

Sometimes in our lives we are lucky enough to meet some very incredible people and even more fortunate to be able to work with them and to call them friend. Mike deGruy was one of those special people in my life and since his passing I have made a concerted effort to follow in his footsteps by honoring his life with every opportunity presented to me. It's been almost 10 months of doing just that mixed in with work and I hope I've done him justice for who he was as an explorer, filmmaker, environmentalist and a great Father to his children Max and Frances and Husband to Mimi deGruy.

Mimi deGruy accepting the NOGI for Mike.
It was a fitting ceremony in Las Vegas at the annual Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences awards and an incredible re-union with some great college friends and those I had the privilege to work with in the realm of underwater film and photography. Why even Cathy Church was there whom I met way back in 1980 in the Cayman Islands and whose book on underwater photography inspired me to pursue a career in film...well, yep I had many career detours along the way but hey I've been back at it the last 10 years and it truly is the work I love to do most. Be it underwater or mostly on land these days it is truly the most expressive art form I know and love!

I guess I have something to work towards in the documentary side of my filmmaking career... Come on NOGI !