Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're driving to Grand Isle 2150 miles away...

OK crew on the road! We've got Mike Braniger and Stephen Posner and off we go.
Day 1 January 3rd: We made it all the way to Deming, New Mexico!
We forged ahead as we got the news that the WINDS were blowing from out of the South and that our destination was getting it's beaches covered again in Tar balls and oil

Day 2 January 4th: All the way to San Antonio, Texas !  
Went to the Riverwal, and wouldn't you know it, the one week a year they drain the river we show up.  Also it seems all the good eateries decide to close as well right when we show up!

Day 3 January 5th: It's RAINING Blackbirds as we headed out just before dawn fron San Antonio. Thousands took to the sky as we were rubbing our tired eyes in amazement!

 14 hours later we make it to Grand Isle, LA. Time for a shower & bed !!