Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mike deGruy Adventurer, filmmaker, friend & mentor, lover of life!

Feb 4th, 2012, 3:55pm Saturday NZW Australia the world lost a hero, an optimist a true warrior for the planet and re-known and respected filmmaker Mike deGruy. February 4th 21012 was the saddest day I can remember as I got word that my friend and co-conspirator in the art of film was tragically killed in a helicopter accident. I can honestly think of only 1 or 2 people in my life who had a profound influence on me as a person as well as my passion for film making. Whether it was working with Mike in the Gulf or other projects, here and there, I always knew another fantastic adventure was about to take place. Mike's passion, his drive and that incredible smiling face and greeting to all he would meet, friend, foe and stranger we're admirable! Sure we would get into it every now and then but you just couldn't help but like the guy, love the guy!

Aboard the Alvin DSV during our Gulf trip
 He wasn't out there just to make a buck in film, he captured what he loved and believed in and most importantly to convey a beneficial message to the world. He would never sensationalize anything about a living creature but instead spoke from his heart and soul with overflowing optimism, enthusiasm and excitement all because of his respect for all the planets creatures ! I've never met a person more excited about life. It that was contagious!

When I greet anyone now I give it the deGruy greeting, complimentary, loud and clear and with overwhelming enthusiasm. The Mike deGruy delivery that would make the lowest critter with the lowest self-esteem feel 10 ft. tall!

 Mike your causes were many and unselfishly focused on the health of the world and all of it's creatures! A part of me feels void and empty because I can't just pop over and hang, or look over your shoulder or have those deep conversations about what we do and what we should be doing to make this world a better place. I know you can hear me and I can still hear and see you!

Mike deGruy loving father of Max and Frances, loving husband of Mimi, my friend, electric personality, mentor, lover of life!
News Article

Truth is I could write on and on about you but all anyone has to do is google your name to see your mark on the world, the people you have met and worked with and your influence on making planet Earth a better place!

Peace as you walk or rather soar upon and swim under a new adventure on another plane of life! You are missed and never forgotten!

Oh yeah 2 words that Mike always always used be it the end of a meeting, the end of the work day, the end of play, the best farewell the deGruy way, the familiar "SEE YA !" Always an open end welcome back to meet again soon! That's right Mike! SEE YA!

The news article can be seen here.