Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ATLANTIS is underway with ALVIN and SENTRY ready to go!

Well we're out to sea and have been zig-zagging our way past the incredible amount of oil rigs/platforms out here in the channel. The SENTRY was tested last night and they had all 4 propellers spinning away on deck! What a sight!!  Sentry will launch, or fly as they say, early tonite and will act as an advanced unmanned scout for the track Alvin will take when it launches in tomorrow morning. Mike deGruy will be on board for that first dive.

Can't upload pictures or video yet because we share the satellite bandwidth not only with everyone on board but actually with all ships who share the one available channel on the satellite up there orbiting planet Earth! More on that later...

We have a new BLOG editor coming onboard as well, yep someone who's a great writer...Of course that will be Neal Rabin... Signing off for now.