Thursday, May 14, 2015

UPDATE ON 3DR SOLO No Dynamic Home Point means no fly from boat

Would not FLY from boat
 OK Quick update on 3DR SOLO- Bought One! Tested it out kinda cool because you can fly manually as well as all the autonomous features of auto flying but one big caveate for us!! The SOLO would not initialize in auto FLY or FLY Manual mode while any platform we chose to launch it from was moving! It has to be level and perfectly still for the SOLO to pass it's internal pre-flight checks. It just kept all GREEN LED indicators on and never would initialize from a boat. The other bigger problem was waiting 4 months for the gimbal, still no show. So if you can live without launching from a moving platform and no gimbal then go ahead and get one. As for our team that's just not usable.

GoPro4 and 360ยบ Kodak Cam WOW!
We tried some cool stuff like mounting a GoPro 4 Black edition and a Kodak SP360 camera on the belly and got some very cool but unfortunately very unstable video. Stills were great! So this little guy has plenty of Horsepower for a load and it stayed in the air 21 minutes!
Always boils down to the right tool for the job. For now we are sticking with our mini fleet of Inspire 1's and the new 1 pro with the ZENMUSE and X5R camera the right tool for feature films!!

OK it will boil down to functionality ie. how much BANG for your $BUCK$ but in my book for escalating baggage fees and theft size truly does play a significant role and if the SOLO does live up to it's incredible list of features and GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT than it will emerge as the clear winner. DJI may very well have to up the anty on it's customer service as well as DURABILITY which seems to rest right now on the fragile ARMS of the INSPIRE 1.

                                  DJI INSPIRE 1        DJI PHANTOM 3        3DR SOLO Back packable!