Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Greener Planet a Greener Conscience

Well it's been an interesting month and it all wound down with a few meetings involving some great alliances and great organizations. OCTOS, NOAA and DOTGREEN Foundation all came together and hopefully with a goal to improve communication as well as recognize and work with environmental hotspots on planet Earth and starting right here in the U.S.

The all too often scenario of environmentally concerned government agencies NOT WORKING TOGETHER is all to apparent these days and one of my missions is to end this paradigm. I firmly believe that 2014 will be a major wake-up call to the world's governments that it's citizens are outraged over the destruction and neglect of our planet.
DOTGREEN Foundation appears to be at the forefront of our planets needed mantra,  "Preservation, Restoration and Innovation" both in harmony with the philosophy of a Green and Sustainable world!

I feel as a natural history filmmaker that my mission is to not only capture nature's plight but also to promote, inform, demonstrate and motivate industry, government and the general public with meaningful films. The current events that have significant impact on the welfare of our planet and ALL that occupy it are the primary subject of the films that we set out to create!

Climate Change-Global Warming, Natural and Human-made disasters like the Gulf of Mexico, Fukashima and more are devastating our environment.

All of these events are disrupting our lives right now.  Radiation is in the food chain in the Pacific and on course for a worldwide tour... The Gulf of Mexico is experiencing health issues and more on the way due to the Deepwater Horizon spill. Rising seas are leaching toxins into our Oceans as well as breaking down the infrastructure along all populated coastal areas. Coral reefs are dying at accelerated rates! We have been warned for decades. The time to act is NOW. Procrastination is over!

Margaret Mead once said "look in your own backyard. " A great philosophy for our planet, a solid mantra for individuals to act and join hands through community efforts as well. One problem, we have gone far beyond a ground roots effort...We are running out of time. The mighty dollar will take a beating so there is no longer any excuse for the Governments and wealthy interest entities to sit back and say everything will be fine. That luxury is over, believe me, it's OVER. It's time to bring a world-wide united effort together to act!