Sunday, November 15, 2015

LOOKOUT FOR BAD DRONE-Animated spoof on a Drone named B.D.

OK well seems Drones UAV's, UAS whatever you would like to call them are in the headlines EVERY DAY! So it's about time an animated drone character was created to make light of all the antics and negative feelings being thrown at the world of Drones.

Welcome BAD DRONE and you can check it out for FREE on Youtube and it's own website. Spread the word...B.D. a drone brought to life and along with his adopted family teenagers Arnold and Roxy and their dog SNIPPET, well hilarious situations are sure to follow. B.D. means well but somehow everything he does seems to go awry in the misfit, mishap world of BAD DRONE®2015

Follow B.D. and the rest of the cast at BADDRONETV.COM!The laughs are non-stop! Coming soon...Oh yeah and if you want your very own B.D. thats available now CLICK HERE