Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UPCOMING TEDx TALK-Destiny & the Unthinkable

A new journey began for me when the unthinkable occurred on Feb 3rd 2012 the day my friend , mentor and partner in film Mike deGruy was suddenly out of the clear blue taken from us…

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about Destiny and something called a “Light Path” and how the UNTHINKABLE can inspire all of us at any time in our life but especially our children !

We may choose our fate but we don't get to choose our destiny in life, it seems that it often chooses us. Rest assured that the universe does indeed send us messages but we need an open mind not only to listen but to absorb the information and we’ll need the courage to act upon it ! That was something Mike deGruy excelled in, courage and an open mind and heart…and that is why he inspired me…

Now some of those messages come from those whom we surround ourselves with as well as when we seek anothers knowledge but most of the time it comes when we ‘re not looking at all.

One such person fitting that latter category I came across in college, let's just say a few decades back for the sake of argument, and was just recently re-acquainted with him as he spoke to an entire middle school assembly. Remarkably he described how his destiny was shaped by what he phrased as "following one's light path." He went on to say that he picked someone who inspired him.That inspiration for him came from Ansel Adams. And that wise courageous soul was none other than Ernie Brooks, the voice of oceanic exploration and preservation of our marine environment!

Wow an epiphany! Ernie became one of 3 light paths to follow in my life. The photographs along with his philosophy of the environment and conservation became my ticket into the universe of underwater photography! And here we were together just a week ago as he spoke to over 150 students, inspiring them and renewing me. He said to me that being with these kids who are our future was so rewarding. If he could inspire them as he did me so be it!
Now my other light path was with my Uncle Max a relentless inventor who proclaimed to me "seek out originality, do something no one else has ever attempted, create, innovate and I did!  

 Ok so here I am at 58 years old and my 3rd mentor of the last decade was none other than Mike deGruy! To quote James Cameron on Mike’s TED Talk in the Galapagos “Mike gave  a nineteen minute speed rap on the environment that only Mike could deliver in that Mike way! He ended by saying he left a legacy for all of us to carry on. 

So looking back I can say I was lucky to spend months with Mike and crew as his DP preparing and then heading to the Gulf of Mexico. Sharing a tiny bunk bed quarters aboard the Research Vessel Atlantis, working with a great crew until we pushed so hard they were on the verge of a MUTINY,  squeezing into a 6ft Titanium ball known as the ALVIN Deep Submersible Vehicle, Driving over 6000 miles all over the Gulf Coast in all kinds of weather and more stories and adventures then I can fit into a brief presentation today but could definitely write a few book!

Now I'm the last person to put anyone on a pedestal and I won't begin here and now. What I will do is to attempt the UNTHINKABLE...HMMM that word always seems to proceed something horrible, disastrous, negative but not for me. That word instead inspires and let me show you how the unthinkable is a positive word indeed and I believe one that Mike used well to get the message through…
Roll the video.

Mike deGruy in the Gulf of Mexico
Mike deGruy didn't choose his destiny especially in those final moments of his incredible life. What he did do and accomplish in his 61 years on the planet has left us with a mission, perhaps for some of you the message that we can accomplish the unthinkable! We can look in our own backyards, all of us and begin there as Mike so aptly phrased it! We can save our planet by altering the course it has been on, by looking at different energy sources that give back to the planet. By exploring our Oceans especially the Deep and by reversing the damage we have done to our environment. Together and through Mike's inspiration we can do the UNTHINKABLE! We all together can turn the tide! We all can be warriors for the sake of our environment and our children's future. Their destiny awaits them... Let's give them a world to experience it! 

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