Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tropical Storm KAREN and the GULF of MEXICO and the OIL

OK OK, so whatever happened to "Deepwater Rising"with all the Gulf footage we shot. Well we are still reeling over it, no pun intended...had to throw that in to honor good ole Mike deGruy's sense of humour! I have been i contact with many activists in the Gulf including Trisha Springstead, Riki Ott and others still fighting the good fight on our behalf. Recent events ie Tropical Storm Karen
may very well stir up the muck if it hit's the area hard, especially down at Grand Isle. Fact is the OIL IS STILL DOWN THERE in the deepwater so says Dr. Samantha Joye and other notable scientists. It is NOT going away anytime soon as many would have us believe. There are still severe health risks to those who live and partake near the areas that were bombarded by dispersants. Yes it's old news but weather and currents may very well make it todays news so standby....

Hopefully the information we gathered and the footage will be used in a more informative documentary based on the the Gulf of Mexico's history so again standby for that info too and we'll keep you updated...


  1. Thanks Harry for the Heads up. It looks like Karen is fizzling out. Be safe in the Islands Brother. Thanks for the footage and all that you do and big Hugs out to your family.

  2. To You my Brother:


  4. Damn, before I even read the links, I was concerned about what Karen was going to churn up move around and where. Let me read that now.

    1. And in Hawaii they are turning up Questionables.

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