Monday, November 7, 2011


CANON DSLRs pretty much started the revolution in Hollywood and you would be amazed of how many feature films and even TV shows have used this technology...

The Canon 5D Mark II was used in the final episode of the last season of Fox's television show "House M.D.," as well as in the car racing scenes of "Iron Man 2" and certain scenes in "Captain America: The First Avenger," movies that Paramount distributed.

It seems all the new offerings from RED and CANON are in full support of using CANON's EF lenses while SONY offers no internal solution. A big game changer to keep the new SONY F3 in the competition will be the new product coming from Erik Widding's company BIRGER Engineering. To quote Erik in regards to the 2 announcements on Nov. 3rd from Canon and Red:

"I am convinced that the winning camera for those wanting to shoot Canon lenses at this price point, is going to be the PMW-F3 with a Birger adapter. Neither of the other manufacturers talk about supporting real-time servo follow-focus - like we have supported on the Red-one for many years now.

Birger Engineerings new product for the SONY F3 willnot only allow you to mount EF lenses on the F3 but to control Focus and Aperture as well from the camera and REMOTE!
This is huge because if you want to control the F3 on a wireless tether say on a crane then you had expensive solutions from Preston and Schneider and other Focus and FIZ related devices. I would have to agree with Erik that from a price point and functional feature POV that this may very well be the winning combination. The real question here is will BIRGER ship the product o time or at all. After the Panasonic AF100 debacle many Filmmakers have lost faith in what BIRGER can deliver...

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