Thursday, September 29, 2011

OTW acquiring new gear from it's sponsors enabling Filmmakers

SONY F3 CineAlta Cam
Teradek sends Video to Monitors and iPad
Well I believe our film work speaks for itself this year! We've worked on Indies, Feature films, Documentaries and they all have that multi-million dollar look & Feel along with a high production value thanks to the innovation in cameras and support gear that has revolutionized our industry the last 2 years.

From automated dollies, portable cranes, sliders, 35mm rigs from run 'n gun to the big Stereo rigs from 3Ality we definitely had our most productive year ever. Just wanted to thank ZEISS, KESSLER, ANTON BAUER, ARRI, LITEPANELS, ZACUTO, Paramount Pictures, SONY Pictures, Mandalay and all our sponsors for putting their faith and believing in what we could produce with their gear! We've made $100,000.00 films look like 4-5 million dollar productions and 5-7 million dollar films look like epic blockbuster 50M films ! If you want expertise and the best in film for your budget minded productions you can trust the expertise at On the Wave Productions! We're not just your normal production crew, we are Directors, DP's and most important innovators ourselves and  experts at using the newest gear available.

Our relationships with our sponsors such as Zeiss, Canon, Sony, Kessler and many more speak loud and clear. This is why they put their trust in our abilities for feedback to improve the products that they bring to market.We pioneered HDSLR film making alongside incredible people in our industry such as Vincent Laforet, Phillip Bloom, Shane Hurlbut, Robert Primes, Nancy Schreiber, Steve and Jens from Zacuto, Eric Kessler and more. Now we're integrating even more with ARRI ALEXA's, SONY CineAlta Cameras and Panasonic AF100's so you get the best fit for your budget!

Spider Dollie with Remote Head
4:4:4 UNCOMPRESSED Recorder

So checkout some of the new gear on it's way to OTW and some that has already arrived!


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