Monday, March 14, 2011

AFTA-David Crosby and Venice and more on our 9 Camera shoot

Well last week we grabbed all of our gear and headed down to Santa Monica and with the help of Dave Jenkins and some generosity tossed in by NEWTEK and their fantastic TRICASTER we captured some real magic. In this Multi-camera shoot we shot America, Richard Page (Mr. Mister) Venice and David Crosby in a stellar performance at Barnum Hall in Santa Monica. Students were up on stage providing the Orchestra section and the choir and a magnificent performance.

Using Newteks Tricaster 850 alongside of our Panasonic camera arsenal gave us a a superior High Def line edited performance! Dave Jenkins was or TD with Matt Levitz assisting with Queues. Sure we'll have to do a little mopping up in Post but no where near what we have had to do in the past.

Special thanks to Doug Armstrong of Touring Video for the mondo lens & viewing monitors and SAMY's Camera as always helping out with camera media every year!

Gear for this shoot: 
2-Panasonic HPX 170's
1-Panasonic HPX 3700
1-Panasonc HPX 300
1-Panasonic AG-AF100
1-Olympus G2 DSLR
2-CANON 5D Mark II's
1-KESSLER CineSliders
1-CANON 33x 11 Mondo Power! Thanks again Doug!


More on this later...gotta run to the next shoot!

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