Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Woodshole Oceanographic Institute has an ALVIN webcam which shows the DSV being rebuilt live in its hangar at Woodshole. After enjoying the unique opportunity working alongside of Alvins crew and of sitting inside of Alvin and filming while aboard the Atlantis I have to say that this is really an amazing opportunity to witness via the internet. Looks like the same crew onboard Atlantis are doing the work, Bruce, Mike, Dave & crew all hard at work!

What is most incredible to me is that right now the United States is without a Manned DSV of Alvins capabilities in depth for the first time since 1964 !! So these guys at Woodshole are working long hard hours to get Alvin back into the water ASAP.

In the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon all indicators are pointing towards an uncertain future in regard to the overall impact the oil, which is still on the bottom of the ocean, will play in the future of the Gulf. Evidence is conclusive that the oil on the bottom has killed most of what it has come into contact with. We need manned DSV's to better explore and better understand what is going on in our Oceans but for right now the scientists are analyzing all the critical data they were able to gather before Alvin was retired and the results are coming in more rapidly as of late.

I for one would like to thank WHOI for all they do and for their continued efforts and strides their organization makes on a daily basis on behalf of our planet Earth and all the life it sustains.  Let's get Alvin back to work as soon as we can!

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  1. I am watching The Blue Planet with my son for the first time. The Alvin's dives and the video taken from its adventures. My jaw has Hung open for most of the show and I am recording it because I want my two daughters to see this also. Thank you so very much for bringing this mysterious world to us. God forgive us for causing harm to such beauty, and may God bless all of you who are involved with these wondrous discoveries.